Questions about buying

Q: When will you have more earrings available?
I am a hobby beader, not a business. I make designs based on what I want to make and what I have time for. This results in stock being a bit hard to predict. The best way to keep an eye out for returning designs is to follow me on social media.

Q: I really like this pair you made previously, do you have any more available?
A: Short answer — no, not right now. Long answer — I usually make just one pair of a certain design because I have the vision swirling around in my head, I don’t make several pairs at a time to have a stock or anything. The only time I have a stock is when I’m going to do a batch drop, but these are most often new, one-of-a-kind designs with occasional remakes of past designs.

Q: Are you taking commissions right now?
If you're interested in commissioning something, you can enter my custom commission lottery here. Every now and then when I have the capacity I will choose people at random from the lottery and contact them for their custom order. But if you're trying to commission for Rutherford Falls or Rez Dogs, you can holler at me literally any time (lol)   

Q: Do you do wholesale?

Q: How much do your earrings cost?
Depends on the complexity of the pair. Ranges from 30-200USD.

Q: I bought a pair from you and I lost one of them, can I get a replacement?
Yes, of course. Please email me at [email protected] and we can talk details.

Q: If I have a pair of earrings in my cart, does that reserve them for me?
No. Multiple people can have the same item in their cart, it does not reserve the listing for you specifically.

Q: How do I buy one of your hats? When do you have them available?
I don't offer these up very often, when I do I will post it on social media. I only do hat raffles.

Q: Where are you based? Do you ship internationally?
I'm based in North Carolina, USA. I do ship internationally.

Q: Can I wear your earrings if I'm not Indigenous?
Yes. I'm ok with that and everything I sell here is not regalia. By supporting an Indigenous artist, you are appreciating and not appropriating. Occasionally I do make earrings that I ask folks only buy if they are Indigenous, but those will be clearly stated in the listing.

Questions about the beadwork

Q: Can I send you this pair of earrings to repair?
A: If they were made by me and they were damaged somehow and need repair, please feel free to contact me. If they were not made by me, I would prefer not to be contacted regarding repairs.

Q: Are these earrings heavy?

A: No. These earrings are all pretty lightweight, most of them weigh under 1-2 ounces.

Q: How long does it take you to make one pair of earrings?
Depends on the design, but usually anywhere from 2-6 hours per pair.

Q: I have sensitive ears, what materials are your hooks made of?
A: They’re nickel-free stainless steel for silver tones and gold plated brass for the yellow gold tones.

Other questions

Q: How can I compensate you for the emotional labor you do to educate people on your platform?
A: This is always so appreciated. My Venmo is @kait-grable, Cashapp is $katygrable, and here's my PayPal.

Q: What is cultural appropriation? Am I appropriating by doing ___?

A: There are tons of great resources online to give you answers to this, please don't ask me for free emotional labor when you should be doing the work to seek answers for yourself.

Q: How is Huichola pronounced and what does it mean?
Like wee-chola. My people are known as the Huichol (we call ourselves Wixárika), and my family gave me the nickname Huichola as a play on words with that.