Hi, I’m Kait. 

Hawai’i born, raised in a few spots around California, Germany, and Texas, and currently residing in central North Carolina.

I’m a mixed race Indígena, Cancer sun/Capricorn moon and rising. I love bubble baths, video games, ancestral plants, hugging my dog, getting lost in a good book, and rock climbing. For my day job, I work in the world of progressive digital organizing.

A few years ago it became very important for me to learn who I am through learning my cultural legacies — not just the Indigenous ones, but the Sephardic Jewish one, the Swiss one, and the Filipina one. And beading became a part of that journey.

My abuelo used to bead necklaces and bracelets for me when I was child. And as an adult visiting Mexico during my period of reclamation, I saw the beaded designs he would create portrayed in the Huichol/Wixáritari handiwork. It was the impetus I needed to begin the process of learning to bead.

And now I share that by bringing beautiful decolonial art to the world.

Thanks for being here!